A Deeper Look At Some More Affiliate Networks

You can’t be an affiliate without having accounts with some of the affiliate networks, business sites that merchants use to recruit affiliates to sell their products in exchange for commissions. In this article we will take a look at some of the more established affiliate networks.


Clickbank has been in business since 1998, and has built their network into one of the largest retailers of digital products. With over 10,000 digital products, it is clearly one of the premier affiliate networks. It is easy to use, simple to join and there are products in a wide range of different areas, from pets to electronics. In order to earn commissions, all you need to do is use your affiliate ID and you get a link which you can use to send customers to. When people click on your link, Clickbank‘s system automatically records your commissions when they buy the product.

These affiliate networks generally require that you have a website that is related to the affiliate program you want to sell.
That’s not difficult to accomplish, and you can get one for free at Google’s Blogger.com, Typepad, WordPress.com and many others. Alternatively you can also sign up with one of the many very reasonably priced web hosting services that provide one click installation of your blog site where you can start posting articles and blog posts related to the product or service you apply for at one of the larger networks like the ones listed below:

Clickbank is a simple fast start system that anybody can use; you don’t even need your own website and it is pretty easy to be accepted into this program.

The following affiliate networks are best to be considered after gaining a little more experience and most of them will require you to have an established website – complete with the necessary details that you would expect to find on any business site such as About Us, Contact Us and Privacy Policy pages on the site. You should ideally have a few weeks worth of posts on these sites before applying, although some networks will understand if you explain that the site has just been developed.

Commission Junction
eBay Partner Network
Rubicon Project

Wait at least 90 days before putting revenue generating adverts such Google AdSense on your site. To ensure that you will be accepted to the AdSense program, it’s best not to apply until you have an established site to show them.

CPA Empire

Before you apply to any of the other sites, you need to have a real site. You will want to blog on the site for at least two weeks, one blog post per day.

If you aren’t a writer, you will need to hire a freelancer. Go to Elance, Rentacoder and the like to find a writer. You can hire a freelancer fairly inexpensively who will deliver you blog posts to add to your site.