How To Use IM To Market Your Affiliate Products

There are quite a few Instant messengers available on the Net, some good, some bad and one of two are really bad. You need to choose which one works best for you.

Here’s some of the more common messengers:

– AIM – 60 million current AIM users

– YAHOO – 250 million people online

– SMS – 50M –70M

– – 150 million people worldwide

– ICQ – 150 million people worldwide

– GoogleTalk – 7,126,000 and growing

– Windows Live Messenger – 8M and growing
What You Should Do With IM

The short answer is, meet people with IM. You do that by finding the best places to talk to them. You will be surfing for people who have like interests for example: internet marketing, networking, home business, making money at home etc. When approaching people on IM first start by being friends (relationship marketing) before you jump in and get enthusiastic about your business opportunity.

Once you start a conversation with them you can figure out within the first 10 seconds if they are going to be a valid prospect for your business. You just read the signals they give back to you and read between the lines. The longer you do this, the easier it gets. It’s just chatting with friends, but it’s called networking.

Chatting with someone who has similar interests is the best way to introduce yourself and your business or product. This is the most easily duplicatable way of making friends, developing relationships positioning yourself to tell anyone about your business/product.

It’s not hard to find people with common background and interests. What are YOU interested in? Chances are there are others who share your passions too. You just have to search for them and start talking. And, once you’ve starting talking to them, you need to stay in touch as well. No sense in just having the odd conversation now and again and expecting them to want to join your business is there?

The World Is Your Oyster

When you are sitting three feet in front of the world (meaning your computer screen) you can reach out and touch anyone, anywhere in the world. The world is your oyster, the pearl your potential customer/recruit sitting within the shell of your computer.

When using IM the first thing you need to have is buddy or contact lists of everyone you know. Keep track of them and make sure you have them in an organized fashion on your computer. You can track up to 5,000 people this way. You likely won’t be doing that, but the point is the possibilities are unlimited. If you think you’re not going to remember what you said to whom, Yahoo records and saves all conversations.

Where To Find People

Cruise the member directory. There’s an amazing amount of personal information about people listed there. You can strike up a conversation with anyone, about anything in their personal profile. What if they say NO when they find out what you are marketing? Again, that’s life. That’s what happens when you talk to people you don’t know. But if you use their personal information, you have already have an in. You don’t spend one cent generating leads. Market like this when you have time – say three people a day – but stay in touch.

How Do You Get People To Talk With You

Create a unique screen name, something that makes people curious about who you are and what you do and that means they will contact you. The name you will set the tone for all your future conversations. Example: say your screen name is Life Style Designer and you happen to have a web site that promotes dynamic personal lifestyle changes to enrich your life. You can write to other lifestyle coaches and say you just love your work, don’t they love theirs? If they do not like what they are doing, they will tell you. The door is now open for you to tell them what you do.

In most cases, you will be asking questions. That’s the key to pre-qualifying people. Ask questions and you will be able to tell quickly within a few short conversations, if they have the potential to be a part of your business. You will know them by how they answer your questions.

When you’re talking to people online via instant messenger, don’t send them long notes about what you are doing. They don’t care and don’t want to hear it. Proceed slowly and parcel out bits of information based on their replies to your notes. Go slow, use your head, keep it short, and read between the lines. You WILL know when they have lost interest or are losing interest by the way they reply to you.

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