How To Write A Promo Email As An Affiliate

Sure, you already know how to write emails, you do it everyday, but you’re writing to people you know and don’t get stopped by a spam checker all that often. Writing business e-mails is a different can of worms and needs some finesse your part to get them opened every time when they hit someone’s e-mail inbox.

What’s the first thing you do when you check your inbox? See who sent you e-mail, and check the heading to see what it says. If the heading doesn’t interest you, what do you do? Right, you hit delete. Since you are an affiliate marketer, you want your mail opened and read.

How To Get Your Email Opened

You have 50 characters in the subject line including spaces you can use. Make them count, because what you say will make or break your next e-mail campaign. The subject line needs to be catchy and grab their attention.

The best place for headline/subject line ideas is your local newspaper. Like newspaper headlines, your e-mail subject line need to tell the recipient what to expect in the e-mail. This might not always work. That’s life. One campaign may take off like crazy, the next flop. With practice and a few hints and tips, you can be certain you’ll have more hits than misses.

To cut down on the number of misses, follow the first rule of e-mail marketing which is TEST, TEST, TEST and then TEST some more. You are testing styles and trends that seem to work. Pick your subject line BEFORE you write your body content. It needs to be the first thing you do for any e-mail campaign. Then test it on your team and perhaps a part of your email contact lists.

Let’s say you have an e-mail list of about 300 people. Try testing two different subject lines and keep track of the results. How many responses did you get to each heading? Review the most successful one, then change one word and resend it to your list. You need to do this continually because each e-mail campaign will be different by choice and by necessity.

Keep track of the rate of conversions to opened e-mail. It’s one thing to have your e-mail opened, but quite another to have someone either reply or sign up. So while you may have a successful subject line, and it gets opened, if it doesn’t translate into conversions, it’s a failure.

The second rule of e-mail marketing is personalize your subject lines, which means one of the words of the 50 you have to work with needs to be the name of the person you are writing to. At least it does if you are suiting the content and interests of the e-mail to your prospects interests. If however it’s a bulk e-mailing, then this doesn’t apply.

The third rule of e-mail marketing is tell the truth. Do not mislead your prospects and promise more than the e-mail can deliver. If your subject line doesn’t reflect what’s in the body of the message your prospect will distrust you and the next email will go straight to the trash bin.

The fourth rule of e-mail marketing is create a conversation. Without a conversation and a relationship, you’re cold e-mailing to someone you do not know. And that means you’ll have a harder time trying to tell them about your business. If you have a series of e-mails you send prospects, and each one is a continuation of a conversation from a previous e-mail, that is conversation.

The fifth rule of email marketing is make sure you tell the prospect who the e-mail is from. Remember you have 50 characters in the subject line, so, just make sure the from line has your name. The first thing people see is your subject line, so it must grab their attention.

What About Content?

Content must follow on from the subject line, and it better be interesting. Interesting enough to have your reader actually read the whole e-mail. The body of your email must have a call to action in it asking people to do something, like click on a link or fill in a form etc.

Don’t stop sending emails. You keep sending them until your prospect signs up. Not everyone is ready to join something when first asked. If you have patience, they might sign up later.


You’ll know the most common Spam filter words like Internet Marketing, or Business Opportunity, or Make Money From Home. But you’re not going to know about other triggers because spam filters change their word criteria every month.

All you need to do is use Spam Check. It’s FREE! All you have to do is cut and paste the following URL into your browser and follow directions:

You’re aiming to be a welcome guest. If you stick to the rules, you will have a successful e-mail campaign.