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Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Whether your objective is to make a few hundred dollars a month in extra income, or to generate a full time income that can be four to five figures, affiliate marketing has something for you. There are countless people just like you who are generating quiet fortunes with affiliate marketing – now you can join them.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It allows everyone to get paid for promoting other people’s products and services – and the beauty of it is that even people with very little experience of business or the internet can start making money right away with it.

It’s also one of the most reliable and recommended ways of generating a solid income online. It can even be done without having a website of your own and on certain products and services you can even get paid on a monthly basis.

Here is an example of how affiliate marketing works:

1. Lets say you decide to promote web hosting services. You sign up with the web hosting company to become their affiliate.

2. You get a unique affiliate link from the company – and when people buy their web hosting through your affiliate link, you get paid. It’s as simple as that.

Affiliate Marketing Advantages

Here are some of the major advantages:-

1. It’s relatively cheap and easy to get started with affiliate marketing. You can do it at home with little more than a PC and internet connection. It can be started even if you have zero budget.

2. There is potentially unlimited earnings potential. As you’ll discover as you read on, there are many different affiliate marketing strategies you can use and your earning potential with affiliate marketing is limited only by your ability to generate traffic.

3. As the internet continues to evolve so rapidly, practically all companies are heading online and offering affiliate programs. This means whatever business verticals interest you, you can be involved with and profit from affiliate marketing.

4. You can earn money with affiliate marketing without your own product, website or without ever having used the product yourself.

5. When you make an affiliate sale, you get paid a commission but you are not responsible for after sale care and support.

6. You can switch your marketing efforts off and on at your leisure – unlike a regular job or project work, you can choose to work when you wish to.

The internet world and ecommerce is continuously growing – there has literally never been a better time to set up an additional income stream online and affiliate marketing remains the best way for all newcomers to do this quickly, cheaply and reliably.

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