Using Blogging In Your Affiliate Marketing

Blogs have been around since early 1997, but really took off in popularity when automated publishing systems were introduced. For instance: Blogger at Try to stick to the term blog, rather than the other alternative which is weblog because it means a server’s log files. By 1999 there were 23 in existence, but not for long. Blogs and blogging spread like wildfire. Of course software designers came up with even more ways for people to publish their own blogs quickly and easily.

The history is important because it directly relates to what you can do with your blog. Original weblogs were link-driven. Today’s blogs are also link driven and that’s your key to the success of your blog. Seek out unusual links, interesting links, teaching links, and learning links for your blog, and add your own review or commentary to them.

Add extra facts not found in an article, show your own expertise in the area you market in or invite others to submit their observations. No matter what way you choose to do it, you will win! Get to the point fast as there isn’t lots of room to write a novel. Don’t do the essay route either because people don’t have time to read lengthy articles online or anywhere else for that matter. What you’re really doing for potential team prospects and customers is pre-screening or filtering quality sites that would be of interest. What you want to achieve is a public not an audience for your blog. An audience is passive. A public participates, and that is what you want to accomplish with your blog, because ultimately, you want leads.

Try exploring this idea with your blog as well. The HOW you want to write it. Make it a mixture of links, commentary and personal notes, or a record of your own thoughts about something you observed or tried in your marketing business. Whatever style you choose, make it distinctive to YOU and written in your own voice, letting your personality shine through. One of the principle tenets of relationship marketing is getting to know your prospects, and in return letting them get to know YOU.

Different Kinds Of Blogs

– Vlog – comprised of videos

– Linklog – comprised of links

– Sketchblog – a portfolio of sketches

– Photoblog – pictures

– Tumblelogs – shorter posts, mixed media

– Moblog – written by a mobile phone or PDA

– Blawgs – by genre (political, travel, fashion etc)

– Private blogs – usually the most popular

– Business blogs – for businesses

– Corporate blogs – used internally for a business (marketing, branding, PR)

Blogging is an ideal way for affiliates to get exposure and credibility online. Consider using them in your affiliate marketing campaigns.